I need to return something i bought and no one has responded to my three emails requesting a return label. How do I return an item to you?



Anne July 27, 2020
I am having the same issue. I have been attempting to make a return, have sent multiple emails, and have not gotten a response. I don't understand if the volume of requests is high why they are not hiring more customer service reps to help. I have always loved food52 but this is making me question them as a company and how they value their customers.
Julie C. July 8, 2020
Why is there no customer service???
I've been trying to do a return and finally got a weird message - seems very sketchy that Food 52 can't handle return items. They are purposefully delaying the return process by asking silly questions when the return label could have been handle with just one email response - and then they don't even respond to the silly question that they asked me. They have plenty of time to accept orders but this is ridiculous - and DON'T BLAME IT ON COVID-19. Wish I had investigated the return issues earlier and avoided this company all together.
matschiner June 17, 2020
Does anyone have success at getting a return shipping label? Very frustrating experience. I’ve been trying for over a week, and see some folks have been waiting for one month.
Ann O. June 5, 2020
I have been trying to get return labels as well -but have not been successful...
Consumers BE AWARE!!!!
There is a HUGE problem with this website.
DO NOT place orders from this website!!!!!!!!!!
Anna R. May 14, 2020
I need to return an item that I bought. I decided in getting another color. I already sent 3 emails and no one has responded. How do I return the item?
ladygirltomboy May 15, 2020
[email protected] April 2, 2020
You wrote and said you were attaching the return label and did not attach it! Please send me the return label and RMA!!!!!!!!
ladygirltomboy May 15, 2020
SAME PROBLEM and every time I reply, I get a response back that either ignores what I'm asking or is full of excuses. Why lie about the return process and make it impossible? Never shopping with Food52 again.
[email protected] April 2, 2020
I wrote back to you the minute i got your email and am still waiting for you to send me a shipping label. I need to ship the pan back to you today. Please send me a shipping label and an RMA if I need an RMA!!!
ladygirltomboy May 15, 2020
Customer-Care April 2, 2020
Hi, Mandy!

So sorry for our delay in responding--it looks like your message got a bit buried in our inbox, but I've followed up with you just now regarding your return so look out for my email!

ladygirltomboy May 15, 2020
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