bought Jamie oliver pressure cooker. Cooked a stew for 25 mins, when opened meat had disintegrated with no taste.Help & recipe



hip P. April 5, 2011

Try the Pressure Cooker Beginner Basics Course here:

There is a whole section on how to flavor meat prior and after pressure cooking, this is the recipe lesson on Braising and Glazing:

Congratulations on your new pressure cooker!

pierino April 4, 2011
Speed kills. Well, it kills stews anyway.
Sarahj566 April 4, 2011
I used to have a prestige pressure cooker and always did 25 mins once cone to pressure. I guess I need to try less time.
Will try the website for some recipes, would like to find a nice thick stew as well as a curry
Helen's A. April 4, 2011
What recipe did you use? Was it a recipe designed for a pressure cooker?
I always refer to Lorna Sass who is a pressure cooker guro for any questions. See:
pierino April 4, 2011
Well, two questions; what cut of meat were you using and how did you season it? The pressure cooker is a pretty intense environment and if it was poultry I can understand why it disintegrated. Tougher cuts of beef or lamb will break down more slowly, but also they are best given a long, slow treatment. I could offer you a recipe for oxtail but it really requires about three hours, not 25 minutes. "No taste", probably not enough salt and aromatics.
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