"Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk"

Once chicken is in oven, should the pot be covered or left uncovered?

  • Posted by: Lsia
  • January 25, 2015


Susan W. January 29, 2015
I made this last night with dark and white meat pieces. I increased the sauce ingredients by 50% and left the lid off per Jamie's original recipe. It is absolutely delicious. I had my neighbors over and everyone loved it. I served the New England Spider Cake from this site for dessert. Huge hit as well.
caninechef January 29, 2015
I might have to try this, all this talk of chicken cooked in milk. One of my favorites growing up was ham steak topped with powdered mustard, sugar and baked in milk.
mainecook61 January 28, 2015
I made it (very tasty) and liked it with the lid left off. I chose a small Dutch oven that just accommodated the chicken and that left me with plenty of sauce.
amysarah January 27, 2015
I did a whole chicken - worked fine, but might be a little less clutzy to brown chicken parts. I kept it mostly covered to encourage braising/sauce, but uncovered the last 20 min. or so, to thicken the sauce a little and increase browning of the un-submerged skin. Very easy, very good - served with the sauce over buttered egg noodles. Everyone was happy.
cookbookchick January 27, 2015
*brown - not grown
Susan W. January 27, 2015
Has anyone tried this with cut up chicken? Whole Foods recently had a sale on their locally raised chickens so I bought 4 and cut them all up because it was time to make stock.
cookbookchick January 27, 2015
Yes! I made it the other day with leg quarters only as someone else suggested. We prefer dark meat and I think it lends itself to a braise better than white meat. It worked fine!
cookbookchick January 27, 2015
Another thought: I think it's much easier to brown chicken pieces than it is to grown a whole chicken. I don't think the cooking method of this dish relies on an intact carcass. It will work either way.
Susan W. January 27, 2015
CBC, thank you. I was hoping someone would say exactly what you said. :)
Liz January 26, 2015
I am thinking about making this for dinner tonight. Besides covering the pot half-way, any recommendations? I'm a little skeptical about combining milk and chicken but Jamie knows best...
pamelalee January 27, 2015
I made this for the first time tonight. It was easy and delicious! I loved the flavor and consistency of the sauce…you’d never know it had milk in it.
keg72 January 25, 2015
I found that I needed to uncover it to allow some of the milk to cook down.
cookbookchick January 25, 2015
The instructions say Jamie keeps it UNcovered but the Food52 testers recommended partially covered. That's how I did it.
Lsia January 26, 2015
Thank you. I was preparing this directly from Jamie Oliver's site, and there was no mention of whether to cover or uncover. I see now that Food52's version - and the associated blog post - addresses this.
Lsia January 25, 2015
Thank you!
Monita January 25, 2015
Although I've never made this, I would recommend keeping the pot covered which is a typical slow roasting method
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