Bread yeast hoarded by virus hoarders

Hi guys trying to learn to bake but all the stores have no yeast because of the hoarders. I found some frozen yeast rolls, can I cut a few up and mix in my dough?



Miss_Karen April 28, 2020
It is unfortunate that the hoarders have botched baking for many people 🥺 You might try a place like Walgreens or a Dollar store (someplace not quite main stream) for some yeast. I'd be happy to send you a little bit ....
Marktnewport April 28, 2020
Hi Karen. Those were sold out also this town clears the shelves in a perceived danger. I found some on line and having it shipped but thank you so much for offering. Happy Baking. Mark
creamtea April 27, 2020
No, sorry, I don't believe that will work; the quantity of yeast mixed into the frozen rolls won't support the rise of the additional dough you'd be adding. If you can be patient, you could order online or experiment with sourdough starter.
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