Has anyone used Coconut Sugar instead of granulated sugar?

Has anyone tried using coconut sugar as a replacement for the 2 cups of sugar. It would be nice to lower the glycemic index of this recipe. Also notice comments of it not being too chocolately: maybe use the Hershey's special dark chocolate powder?

  • Posted by: Lori
  • May 3, 2020
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Chocolate Bundt Cake
Recipe question for: Chocolate Bundt Cake

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Stephanie G. May 5, 2020
I haven't made the recipe so this is purely conjecture on my part. In my experience, coconut sugar is not a great white sugar substitute in baked goods. Your cake will be less sweet and the texture will be different from the intended outcome. (Not saying this is a bad thing, just different.) I have used coconut sugar successfully in granolas, oatmeals, compotes, etc, but I have not been pleased with the coconut sugar results in cakes. However, if you are willing to be adventurous, you should give it a go. Maybe try subbing in a portion of the white sugar? I always live by nothing ventured, nothing gained. Please let us know if you try it!
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