Which country boasts the best male [home] cooks?

I don't mean to stereotype, but recently had a conversation about this with a friend and am curious. Interested in cultures where men are encouraged to have culinary prowess. Not restaurant chefs, just home cooks.



Anitalectric April 5, 2011
Fun answers! The topic came up because almost every guy I have met from Turkey has offered to cook a meal for me or a group, and took a lot of pride in their "signature" dishes. I just thought that was cool! May just be a random cross section but it set me thinking.
pierino April 5, 2011
Betterirene, one of the reasons our teams fall short in international competitions (like World Cup) is that our fans can't sing, they just chant USA! Meanwhile the Roma fans will in chorus sing the whole bass line from White Stripes "Seven Nation Army."
betteirene April 4, 2011

pierino April 4, 2011
Texas is indeed a 'nuther country and should be allowed to be a republic again. Go merge with Alaska or something. Arizona aka the Car Crash State is a 'nuther planet---it's out there in the asteroid belt with Pluto and there are probably only about five decent cooks (man or woman) in the whole damn state. I can think of two.
ChefDaddy April 4, 2011
In my northern Italian family including all extended it was always the mothers and grandmothers that were the cooks 90% of the time. But, all the men had quite the ego about being able to cook and were very proud of thier own "specialty" dish. As for the rest of the US it seems that I meet more men than women who cook or are proud of thier ability to do so. In my brief experiences abroad I would say that in France, Italy, men seem to boast a prowress to cooking but I found in Germany or England not so much.

Disclaimer: This are just my opinions and nothing factual.

Fun question!
SKK April 4, 2011
I love that Texas considers itself a country! I know wonderful male home cooks from New Zealand, Germany, Ethiopia, Senegal, Italy, Papua New Guinea and Suriname. Now that I am thinking about it, no none from Ukraine or Russia. But that doesn't mean they aren't there and of course Canada and the US. What these home cooks have in common is they love learning and love good food.
aargersi April 4, 2011
TEXAS! It's like a whole 'nuther country! (that was an actual campaign from our illustrious tourist board in the 90's :-)
pierino April 4, 2011
Italy is just the opposite. Restaurant kitchens are dominated by men but virtually the entire population believes the best food comes from mothers and grandmothers. Of course that influences the restaurant world as well.

The US is probably the most egalitarian in the sense you are inquiring about. Men take food seriously here (if sometimes ineptly) but at least they have the chance to cook. Our country has the wealth to allow for stay at home dads while Mom is the bread winner.
CaryNC April 4, 2011
Probably France
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