Have anybody tried to use TalkToChef to help with cooking and dietary questions?

I recently found out about talktochef.com and wondering if any tried to speak with a chef with them? It seems to me that there you ca get support from a professional chef and it is free of charge. They do say that recommend to leave a tip to a chef for his time it you'd like. I am considering to take a one-one baking class with them today to lean how to cook a perfect apple pie and consult about improving over all diet, but not quiet sure if this is the best place to do that online... Any suggestions on that?

  • Posted by: Lynda
  • September 25, 2015


702551 September 25, 2015
Online Rule #1: do not ask medical questions on the Internet.

I still think that cooking with other human beings is the best way of learning how to cook. This is in fact how professional food service workers (cooks, servers, bartenders, other staffers) learn.

The Internet is a convenient place to ask the random question although the quality of the responses is not vetted.

I'm not specifically criticizing Food52 or other cooking sites, this is a general observation for the World Wide Web as a whole, whether you're asking about electronic gadgets, cars, history, religion, any hobby, etc.

Depending on where you are, you might look for cooking/baking classes. Typically cooking classes have well-developed curriculum and lessons, (hopefully) thoughtfully prepared and written to communicate a large amount of information in a small period of time. The average random online comment responder probably takes seconds of thought before responding.

In the same way, deadtrees instruction books (like cookbooks) are much better tested and edited than anything online.

I'm not saying that you can't get good knowledge online, but it is a far murkier source of information than a local classroom or library.

Good luck.
702551 September 25, 2015
Another good strategy would be to find a local baker that you admire and ask them if they teach classes.
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