Name for spice and herbs company

Hi Everyone, I would love to seek opinion from you all on what the name of the company should be for someone selling spice blends and eventually may get in organic, and other food items. For now, I plan to create few spice blends, share with community and seek feedback. I have 2 -3 names in my mind and I am very confused. Is there a way to send a survey out to seek such opinion.

  • Posted by: puja
  • May 9, 2020


Nancy May 10, 2020
If you plan to sell only spice blends, maybe incorporate that as a characteristic or benefit in the company name.

puja May 10, 2020
Thankyou Nancy, Yeah for now just spices and spice blends but later on maybe food kits a well. You're so right on incorporating a value to the name. I have couple of names in mind: "earth defined" and "taroots". Taroots doesn't mean anything. I would love to seek your feedback and all my friends in this community. Thankyou so much! And Happy Mother's day to all of you!
Nancy May 11, 2020
If you go with Taroots meaning nothing in English, check 2 things before you register it.
1) does it also mean nothing in other major languages?
2) If it does mean something in another language, is it a curse word, obscene or negative to your brand?
George Eastman succeeded with Kodak, which was a made up nonsense word.
Chevrolet failed in Latin America with its Chevy Nova car ⁰because "no va" means "doesn't go" in Spanish.
Jackie D. May 10, 2020
How about ''iSpice'' ?
puja May 10, 2020
Hi Jackie, Thankyou so much for your suggestion, it's a great word though that word is taken and up for sell for few thousand dollars. :-) I have couple of names in mind: "earth defined" and "taroots". Taroots doesn't mean anything. I love both of them. both these words can go with a nice simple tag line like: "fresh spice from nature" or "real spices defined by nature." or something like that. Do you like any of the names. Thankyou so sharing your thoughts.
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