Carbon Steel Skillet Rescue -- Help Needed!

My lovely husband happily cleans the kitchen after I cook dinner. He didn't realize my shiny, new DeBuyer carbon skillet wasn't stainless steel, and put it in the dishwasher. It came out with rusty freckles. Is this the time for Bar Keeper's Friend, or should I just re-season the inside and ignore the freckles?

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1 Comment

Butter &. July 23, 2020
Hi Melusine,

Carbon steel is a rustic cooks secret weapon...a good pan made of this material can last for generations...think grandmas old cornbread cast iron pan, steel is a lighter version of it!

NO WORRIES...your pan is also very durable. Simply take wool or copper scrub pads to the pan and buff out the rust...rinse, dry (always) and re-season.... That's it! We too have found something in the dishwasher that should not have made it in there, learning along the way when we do.

Cooking is a labor of love and washing dishes is a labor of appreciation-find joy in it all!

Butter & Bacon

(Our carbon steel wok-we love it!)
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