Recipes using steel cut oats?

Have a lot of steel cut oats on hand and I'm browsing for recipes...anyone make great granola bars or baked oatmeal bars with them?

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Miss_Karen May 2, 2019
Online. Not on like.
Miss_Karen May 2, 2019
I make bread with them. I scoured every recipe on like for a long time. FINALLY, I came across
Her recipe is DELICIOUS.
Valhalla May 1, 2019
I recently got some from Anson Mills and they have the types of recipes you are seeking on their website:
I plan on making the granola.
dinner A. April 30, 2019
I love these relatively wholesome fruit muffins with oats instead of bran; just sub the bran with an equal weight of oats, ground in a food processor to approximately bran-sized bits:
Wendy April 30, 2019
Great use for steel cut oats: Oat Milk

Also, I soak them overnight in buttermilk and then use them to make muffins.
You can also whirl them in the food processor to make them finer.
HalfPint April 30, 2019
Here's the problem with steel cut oats, they have to be softened, somehow, or it's like eating gravel. You might have to pre-cook them first before trying to substitute for rolled/quick oats. Here's a nice little guide on using steel cut oats in baking:
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