Lump of cheese in my pasta dish

I was cooking a pasta dish with some cheese when I added some greens it pulled all the cheese to it and it just a lump of cheese and greens, why did this happen?

Victoria Blake


Nancy May 19, 2020
Victoria - have a look at this article about melting cheese, type of cheese, acid content of some foods added to it and when. May be of help in determining what happened.
Victoria B. May 19, 2020
Thank you so much! Reading now this is just why I was looking for. You
HalfPint May 18, 2020
What were you making? What kind of cheese did you use?
Victoria B. May 18, 2020
It was a Italian dish with Parmesan and pecorino, when I added the green it just rolled everything up into a big ball off the pasta. I thought maybe I should have used some pasta water to help it. Just wondering why it happened so I can avoid in future.
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