Dough still very sticky after final fold

I have 19 minutes after the final fold and the dough is still quite sticky, sticking to my fingers etc. Should I add more flour? Refrigerate and hope for the best? This is my first attempt at challah and I have only made no-knead bread once, so am not an experienced bread baker.

Terri Jasen


HalfPint May 21, 2020
Refrigerate and let the flour rest and hydrate. Don't add more flour. It will make the final product tough and dry.
Terri J. May 21, 2020
Thanks. It's been refrigerated for several hours already. I won't add more flour, it will hopefully be fine when I.........uh oh! Unfortunately, I just realized I miscalculated it. The 12 hours will be up at 8:30 tonight, not tomorrow morning. I guess I know how I will be spending my evening! Hopefully it will be fine! Thanks again for the advice.
Terri J. May 21, 2020
oh, wait. It's 16-24, not 12-16. That was a different recipe. Phew! I'm safe.
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