can you freeze fresh horseradish?

I've got several leftover chunks of fresh horseradish root. Can I wrap it and freeze it, like fresh ginger?



SKK April 6, 2011
Thanks mrslarkin - much appreciate your recommendation.
mrslarkin April 6, 2011
It works! I just grated some of the frozen root over a steak salad. Looks like fluffy microplaned parmigiano cheese. Next time, I will peel the root before freezing as the skin doesn't come off as easily as ginger skin. (argh)

So if just a hint of horseradish is what you're looking for, this is a good way to go.

SKK April 5, 2011
I freeze ginger - does horseradish have more liquid? What a great question.
Greenstuff April 5, 2011
In my limited experience of freezing horseradish root, it exuded a lot of water and wasn't too interesting or appetizing. At the moment, I have a root in my refrigerator, and the days are ticking by... I have no intention of freezing it, but I may stick it in the garden.

It might bud, but it might not. I almost hope it doesn't, because horseradish in the garden tends to be a space hog. On the other hand, the leaves are nice, and once you've established horseradish in the garden, you have so much that freezing is not of any interest at all!

mrslarkin April 5, 2011
thank you, boulangere! just threw a couple whole pieces, wrapped well, into the freezer. too lazy to shred. maybe i can grate it frozen with microplane grater. will report back with findings!
boulangere April 5, 2011
Further to the above, good grief, answers, maybe that's why we find horseradish in a jar preserved as opposed to frozen.
boulangere April 5, 2011
Ok, one of these days I'll learn to read all of the question before shooting from the hip. Good question. Think of it as a science experiment. I wouldn't think that freezing a peeled (hopefully) hunk of it as a good idea because once thawed, I would expect that the texture would have changed so as to make shredding or dicing difficult - ruptured cells containing water and all that. So try peeling and shredding perhaps a 3" section. Freeze it for 24 hours in a freezer well below 0. Thaw it and use in whatever application you wish. If it works, yeah! If not, well there's your answer.
boulangere April 5, 2011
Fresh or prepared?
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