Storing fresh tumeric

I was given a large amount of fresh tumeric. What is the best way to store this aromatic rhizome? I'm thinking I could freeze it, like fresh ginger, but thought I'd check in with all of you first.

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Amanda W. October 22, 2018
I keep fresh ginger in a jar in the fridge in a little vodka, maybe turmeric would keep this way too?
foofaraw July 17, 2016
If it is really fresh, my mom likes to store it in the potted soil, let it grow, and dig and take however much you need =)

Same with ginger.
kelly July 17, 2016

How to Store
Fresh turmeric can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks if it is left unpeeled. The fresh rhizomes store well if kept dry in the refrigerator - wipe dry if they are damp, then wrap with a paper towel before placing in a zip lock plastic bag.
sara D. July 28, 2015
i buy mine a large amount at a time, and store it in the freezer, grate on a microplane as needed for use
Amalie July 8, 2015
You can peel the rhizomes and pack them in a jar with vodka and store in the fridge for at least a year. Some people also store their peeled turmeric root in honey. This should last for 12 months also.
Green G. June 15, 2013
Beyondcelery you should leave your fresh ginger on the counter - it wil mould in the fridge - on the counter it keeps (literally) for months!
Dan S. June 4, 2011
Wrap the tumeric (make certain it is dry) in paper towel, place in plastic bag and put in the refrigerator. Should last 2 to 3 weeks. You can freeze it like ginger, however, the consistency changes in a similar way to the way ginger freezes.
Panfusine May 25, 2011
It stays for a long time wrapped in newspaper & stored in the chiller. I usually stick a couple of the roots (with the with those pale mounds, indicative of a spouting area) into the soil & let them grow. Ditto with ginger or any rhizome & get!
Fresh grated turmeric (maybe 1/4 -1/2 a tsp) in a glass of warm milk with a pinch of black pepper & honey is a natural great cough suppressant.
gingerroot May 25, 2011
Thanks Pickle Pals! I'm going to freeze some, store some in the fridge, try to replant some and see where that gets me. I'm working for a company that designs and installs/maintains custom kitchen gardens and gifts like this (from a client's garden - they did not want it) is definitely a perk! (Dirt facials, not so much!)
bugbitten May 24, 2011
I'm no expert, but you might oven-dry some if you want it to last.
prettyPeas May 24, 2011
That's a great looking specimen. I've frozen it before--it tends to be more watery in texture upon grinding after freezing, though I thought the flavor held up well.
boulangere May 24, 2011
Wonderful gift. Lucky you.
beyondcelery May 24, 2011
The one time I had this, I stored it just like fresh ginger, wrapped in the produce drawer of my fridge. It stayed pretty fresh about 2 weeks, just like ginger. I've never frozen it, but I imagine you could.
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