Saving a recipe in progress

Is there a way to save a recipe being written in progress? I have an annoying habit of navigating away from one I'm putting together, thinking I can get back to it using the *back* button. But not so. Starting over is so tedious.



vvvanessa April 8, 2011
it's also helpful to take screen shots of your recipe as you write it. i recently wrote a recipe on another site, and even though it was done and "saved," when i went back to edit it, it was competely gone. even though screen shooting means i still have to type everything over, at least all the detais will be there to copy.
drbabs April 8, 2011
My suggestion is that you write your recipe as a word document and save it on your computer it's really easy to copy and paste into the recipe page. That way you can play around as you like and enter it when you're ready. Also, you can finish it and edit it later once it's uploaded as TiggyBee suggested. But you're right, an edit function would be great.
boulangere April 8, 2011
That's exactly what I was hoping to find, so let's cross fingers and hope that Peter finds this.
Panfusine April 8, 2011
Boulangere, thanks for bringing this up.. it would be great & very useful to have a 'draft' tab for the recipes that only the author could have access to..
boulangere April 8, 2011
Thanks, ladies. Opening another window is what I TRY to remember to do, but sometimes my cursor finger is just too quick on the draw. I was hoping there was a food52 trick I was unaware of. Thanks for your help!
TiggyBee April 8, 2011
Not that I know of, but you can always publish and edit later, or what I sometimes do is open up my 2 browsers, firefox and safari and use one to 'hold' the recipe until I'm finished with it. Maybe someone else will chime in with other ideas.
MrsKeller April 8, 2011
Why not just open another tab or window to do your other tasks?
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