Roasting Turkey Back

The local store was selling individual turkey back. We bought one thinking we would roast to get more fond for our grave (we splatchcocked our turkey). How long and at what temp should we roast any extra turkey backs and necks? Thanks!


Kristen M. November 23, 2017
You can just throw them in at whatever temperature you're roasting your turkey, but if that's already done, I'd just roast at high heat (425 or 450F) till it's nicely browned all over and you've got a good amount of drippings (I'd guess 30 minutes or so, depending on size).
[email protected] November 23, 2017
Thank you so much! We hope to have enough fond for gravy...we love fond. And gravy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We appreciate your willingness to work on this day.
Kristen M. November 23, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!
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