Butter discrepancy in recipe...

Is it 6 tablespoons or 1 cup of butter? Did you mean to type “16” instead of “6?”

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1 Comment

Nancy July 10, 2020
Since this butter is part of a topping or garnish (the crumble), and not part of a structure (cake batter, pie dough), you can decide by practice.
Also, compared to other similar recipes, either amount is plausible.
Have 1 cup butter ready, divided into pieces if 6 and 10 tbsp. Proceed with step 3, first adding the 6 tbsp.
If moist enough to your touch, don't add more butter.
If you're not sure or want a richer taste, add butter in 1 or 2 tbsp increments until satisfied.
Bake and enjoy.
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