What should be done when stewed strawberries are sour because of the addition of too much lime? Can it be fixed if so how should I fix it by adding q

As a topping for New York cheesecake

  • Posted by: Nimasha
  • July 10, 2020


Nancy July 12, 2020
If you feel adventurous, just use the lime strawberry mixture as is.
It will contrast with the sweet cheese and sweet crust to give an interesting but unconventional flavor.
Lori T. July 10, 2020
You can still sweeten the strawberries with whatever sweetener you like. If you just want to tame the sour taste, I'd use plain old white sugar, a spoonful at a time until you get the taste you want. You could use honey as well, but that brings a new flavor to the mix. Honey and lime are good together, as well as with strawberries, and are used to make compotes. You could also use a strawberry jam, which would be both sweet and flavorful.
Stephanie G. July 10, 2020
I would add sugar to taste.
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