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What mini food processors do you recommend?

Donna Schnall


HalfPint July 15, 2020
My mother use to have a Moulinex mini food chopper that was a little workhorse. She used it for everything for decades. It was compact and powerful.
creamtea July 12, 2020
I have the Cuisinart 4-cup mini-processor. I also have a 3-cup reserved for Passover use. I use my 4-cup a lot. and it's a little more versatile than the 3-cup. It's good for mincing herbs, chopping nuts, etc. I also use it for grinding sugar finer (for example, for superfine sugar for cold beverages) and grinding kosher salt (for pickles or cured lemons for example). It's great for when I don't want to lug out and clean the full-size, but of course as louisez notes, it has only 2 functions. I'm very happy with it.
Donna S. July 13, 2020
Thank You Creamtea! I have been thinking about buying a mini chopper for a while. I also like the idea of having 2 of them, with one being used for Passover!
Thanks Bunches for responding so promptly!

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Gammy July 12, 2020
I have a full size Cuisinart food processor with an additional smaller bowl and its own blade. It works fine, but I find the time spent cleaning everything afterward to be greater than if I had hand chopped those small amounts to begin with.
louisez July 11, 2020
I have a Cuisinart. Be aware that it's a much more limited tool than a full-sized processor. There are 2 functions, chop and grind --neither one precise. Love it for small amounts to be chopped/pulsed. But no slicing, grating, and too small to make pureeing done acceptably.
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