Food processor recommend?

Hi, I have a mini food processor that is frustrating because of it's size and bad design. What does everyone recommend for a standard size processor? Thanks!!

rachel waters


ChefOno August 15, 2012

Cuisenart Elite: Well designed, powerful and elegant. Lots to like. BUT… Food constantly gets trapped in the lid and can be all but impossible to remove. Beyond the hassle of trying to flush out the stubborn bits, this creates a real danger from foodborne illness. Not only can small particles of food enter when using the machine, all manner of yuck gets washed in if you attempt to clean it in the dishwasher. Purées present a second cleaning problem in that they can be sucked up and out the center shaft during operation. What a mess!!! Unacceptable. Not to mention lackluster performance.

KitchenAid's latest model (KFP1333): Lightweight base won't stay put during heavy use, seems cheap, does not inspire confidence with respect to long life or hard use. Soft-start motor can't be pulsed (despite having a button labeled "Pulse"). Wide rim of small work bowl catches stuff requiring constant scraping when mixing. Can't wash the blades in the dishwasher without crud getting caught underneath. Very disappointing.

Cook's Illustrated was recommending the KitchenAid KFP750 last I can remember.

threefresheggs August 15, 2012
It is worth noting that if you get a real big'n, like my flea-market-vintage 'super-pro', you get a wide tube, great power and capacity, but you'll still need a mini-prep to grind nuts, and other less-than-1-cup jobs.
The F. August 15, 2012
You need one! No questions asked!
The F. August 15, 2012
You need one! No questions asked!
Eric M. August 15, 2012
violist August 15, 2012
I would go to and check out their evaluations. I know they did an article on full size food processor comparisons not to long ago.
HalfPint August 15, 2012
I suggest at least 10-cup capacity and a large feed tube opening. My Cuisinart is good, but that narrow feed tube is idiotic but I can live with it (though I still hate this aspect of it's design). I think the Kitchen Aid food processor has a nice wide feed tube. And you might want a food processor that can handle bread dough mixing and 'kneading', so a good strong motor is something else to look for.
pierino August 16, 2012
Even though Cuisinart put the first consumer model robot coupes out there I've never liked them very much. I have an old Braun that's a terrific work horse but I also like the design on the KitchenAids, reliable and durable. For bread doughs though I'll stick with the stand mixer.
Stephanie G. August 15, 2012
I don't think you can go wrong with a Cuisinart.
ChefJune August 16, 2012
I couldn't live without my Cuisinart! I have the old 14-cup model with the wide feed tube, but to tell you the truth, I use my flat lid most of the time -- unless I'm slicing veggies.
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