Should I get a food processor?

I eat a lot of nut butter and I'm considering getting a food processor so I can make my own. But I have a small kitchen and I don't want to get a large appliance if I won't end up using it for lots of things. I currently have a mini food processor but I'm worried the motor isn't strong enough for nut butter.

If you have a large food processor, what do you use it for most that makes you happy to own it, and that you could not do on a mini food processor?



drbabs December 20, 2021
If it’s just nut butter you’re after, all else being equal, I’d lean towards the vitamix blender also. I have both. The vitamix is an amazing machine. It does sit on the counter, but it takes up a little less real estate than the food processor. It’s super easy to use and to clean. I use the food processor for hummus, pie dough, and to blend chocolate and cocoa powder to make homemade cocoa mix. It’s essential for latkes, great at grating vegetables and hard cheeses. I have used it for bread dough, but I prefer my kitchen aid mixer with the dough hook for that. My food processor is an old (>10 years) Kitchen Aid, and everything goes into the dishwasher, so it’s not horrible to clean, but it does take up a lot of space.
aargersi December 20, 2021
I use mine a LOT - for pie dough, pesto, hummus, really anything that needs to be, well, processed. It makes shredding vegetables a snap though I turn to my mandolin for slicing. Mine’s a Kitchen Aid - powerful but a PITA to clean, and takes up a lot of storage space. Also I pretty much never use the smaller bowl insert because I end up having to clean the whole thing anyway.
Another note … if nut butter is your primary objective you might consider a Vitamix instead, that’s on my “to get” list and I understand that they’re great at it
Nancy December 20, 2021
Linzarella -
I wouldn't advise you yes or no, but yes how to select a food processor.
If you do decide to get one, yes concentrate on power and probably a 6-8 cup minimum size for other than nut butter uses.
When I first got my food processor I discovered things new to me that I ould make, as well as ones I'd known beforehand.
These included fish pate and dumplings, bread dough, sauces and smoothies along with the widely promoted sliced vegetables and fruits. You may discover things you never heard of that you could now make.
Processor made better puree than a blender because of the wider base engaging more of the food substance sooner.
There are now models that have a small bowl nestled in a large bowl, so you can make small batches of things without having to wash the larger bowl.
also some that stack to take up less space.
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