How can I make acetate cake strips? Or, what can I use instead of them?

I want to make some cakes from the Momofuku Milk cookbook, but most of them call for building the cake inside acetate cake strips, which no one has seem to heard of where I live ( Bombay). Does anyone know a homemade solution I can substitute for them?

  • Posted by: janki
  • September 24, 2012


Quinciferous September 26, 2012
I have a feeling that those acetate strips are out there SOMEwhere in Bombay, being used for another purpose. I like boulangere's idea of engineering supply stores. Or the area outside and around Crawford Market -- isn't there some section of that devoted to random materials?

Second idea: I know you can get semi-flexible plastic placemats in the markets outside of many suburban train stations, and I bet those would work really well for your purposes -- cut, shaped, and taped together. Good luck!
boulangere September 25, 2012
I get all mine from engineering supply stores, and it is significantly cheaper than from a culinary supply source or an art store. I buy it in large sheets and cut it to whatever size I need.
rt21 September 25, 2012
You're local art supply store should carry acetate , just cut it to the size you want
janki September 25, 2012
Thanks! I will try making these with the soda bottles and let you know how it goes.
Nozlee S. September 24, 2012
The idea is that the acetate (1) stands up on its own, (2) can be easily peeled away, (3) is sturdy enough to act as scaffolding for the cake being "built" inside of it, and (4) is clear so you can see what you're doing. It's really just malleable, clear plastic.

I have a feeling that heavy-duty aluminum foil or parchment paper would satisfy all of these qualifications but #4! Alternately, what if you cut open several 2-liter plastic bottles and taped them together in a circle big enough to fit inside your cake ring?

Let us know what you end up doing -- those Milk Bar cakes are a lot of work!
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