A question about a recipe: Louisa's Cake

I have a question about step 6 on the recipe "Louisa's Cake" from SML Office. It says:

"Cool in the pan on a wire rack for 10 minutes. Turn the cake out of the pan and cool completely on the rack. Sift powder sugar over top or serve with your favorite seasonal fruit." I've just made this and it was super easy and super delicious. Trouble is, there's only two of us. Do you think I can freeze it successfully? If so, how? Thanks picklers!

  • Posted by: LloJo
  • April 9, 2011
Louisa's Cake
Recipe question for: Louisa's Cake


LloJo April 12, 2011
In the end there was no need to freeze - it's Tuesday evening, most of it has gone (!) and it's still really moist (3 days later). I didn't refrigerate it - I kept it in a tin on a piece of greaseproof paper. I reckon it's still got at least three days left before it even begins to go dry, but mine *was* quite moist to begin with, for some reason.
bklyncook April 12, 2011
I think it would freeze nicely...I'm interested to know if it needs to be refrigerated if you're planning on eating it within a week....
hardlikearmour April 9, 2011
I don't know for certain, but my guess is yes. Tightly wrap with plastic wrap twice, then with foil (how I usually wrap any cake I want to freeze.) Worst case is it doesn't work, and you'll learn something from it!
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