Has anyone else found this a tad salty?

This was a delicious recipe but some of us like the rendered chicken skin and found this way too salty. I thought maybe salting the bird after slathering it with oil and the herbs would help. Other than that.....yummy.

Christine L


Bonnie August 23, 2020
I always find Ina’s recipes too heavy on the salt. At most, I’ll use half of what’s called for in the recipe.
Gammy August 22, 2020
Personally I find many of Ina's recipes overly salty, but many people love her recipes as written and that's fine. If a new recipe of hers to me, I will automatically cut the salt... I can always add salt at the table if necessary.
Christine L. August 22, 2020
Thanks.....thought I would try the recipe as written but should have heeded my instincts....can always add but can't take away😉
Gammy August 23, 2020
I meant to say I cut down the amount of salt in her recipes... I don't cut completely.
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