Coach House chicken pot pie recipe

I had an old recipe for this, which is lost. I've googled in vain. Does anyone have a recipe for this? It may be an old Gourmet Magazine or New York Times recipe, if that helps. Thanks!

  • Posted by: louisez
  • August 24, 2020


Nancy August 24, 2020
What, besides where maybe published, distinguishes this recipe?
So we'll know it's the right one when we see it.
louisez August 24, 2020
It's a scratch recipe-- chicken and broth, vegetables, crust-- rich filling. Not very precise, alas. I've looked online extensively, using a variety of search terms, to no avail. My hope was that someone might have the exact, old, recipe.
Thanks, Nancy.
Nancy August 24, 2020
PS The NYC restaurant? There's a version at
It has enough detail about what's been modified so you could recreate or approximate the original.
louisez August 24, 2020
Yes, that restaurant. I think I can try to reverse engineer this recipe a bit. You're amazing. Thanks for the help!
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