Is this a freezer friendly sauce?

This sounds delicious. I have A LOT of large yellow tomatoes and would like to make a large batch of this sauce and freeze it for use later. I've never made tomato sauce with cream, however. I'm wondering how it would do freezing?

  • Posted by: Zenqi
  • August 24, 2020
Linguine in Yellow Tomato Sauce
Recipe question for: Linguine in Yellow Tomato Sauce


QueenSashy August 24, 2020
ZENQI, I would make the sauce without adding cream and freeze. When you defrost it, and ready to use, proceed with the rest of the recipe.
Zenqi August 24, 2020
Thanks so much for your quick recipe.

Any other ideas for making a sauce with my yellow tomatoes? They're not sun gold tomatoes (little), they're big ones (about baseball size and a little larger). Most recipes I'm seeing are for sun gold tomatoes.
QueenSashy August 24, 2020
The recipe I posted is for big tomatoes. I suggest making the very basic sauce -- omit the garlic and basil -- so that you can later on add herbs or other ingredients depending on the dish you want to use it with. Without garlic and basil it's a wonderful, mild and slightly sweet sauce -- its' actually one of my favorite sauces, you will not regret it. Once it is done you may want to puree it in a blender or pass through a strainer and it will be creamy and velvety. Works well with pasta, ricotta gnocchi, and also chicken, scallops and shrimp.
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