Coconut substitute for corn ketchup

I have a severe nut allergy and cannot use peanut oil or coconut milk. What can I use to substitute these ingredients? Thanks!

Corn Ketchup
Recipe question for: Corn Ketchup


Nancy September 6, 2020
Another way to think about this sauce is its origin story or its main flavor profile.
Ketchup began in China with fish sauce (anchovy, mostly) as a main ingredient and is now made with many fruits, sometimes nuts or vegetables.
The sweet and sour profile, as well as the spices, evoke chutney (from Indian sub-continent).
They also make me think of muhamara (walnuts, pomegranate seeds, salty flavorings) from Syria and/or other countries nearby.
If you can eat ingredients in those sauces, think of using them instead of the corn butter.
KLS September 5, 2020
I would think you could use any oil since the recipe is not calling for roasted peanut oil, which would give a certain flavor.
For the coconut milk, I'd use heavy cream. Seems that the coconut milk would give tasty fat to this, so I think milk or half and half would be too thin.
Let us know how it turns out.
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