Using whole wheat or a mix of whole wheat and AP flour

Hi! Would using whole wheat flour be possible for this recipe? Adjusting the hydratation with maybe 1-2 tbsp cold water at a time? Or maybe a mix of all-purpose & whole wheat? I like the slightly nutty flavor of WW and this could be great for a savory pie!

Mathieu Garcia


Maurizio L. September 20, 2020
Yes, whole wheat would work really well with this! I've done this many times and I usually do a 50/50 mix of whole wheat with AP flour. Definitely great for a savory pie!
Mathieu G. September 20, 2020
Hey Maurizio! Thanks for the super prompt answer. I went ahead already and used 100% whole wheat flour; dough was perfect to handle by adding 4 tbsp of cold water! I had a stiff semolina starter discard in the fridge (20g starter / 80g water / 100g rye/AP flour) and this worked beautifully. I will use the dough next weekend, it's in the freezer already, but I am thinking of making heirloom tomatoes and mustard savory galette next weekend. Thanks again!
Maurizio L. September 20, 2020
That sounds wonderful, Mathieu! A tomato galette is just perfect, and I'm gearing up to do just the same once I get a few more on my plants in my garden. This dough freezes so well! Enjoy :)
Mathieu G. September 20, 2020
Nice! Tomatoes from the garden are a treat! Growing up in France, the classic tomato "galette" was simply made a base of whole grain mustard (2-3 big tablespoons), thinly slices of tomatoes, fresh thyme, salt, and pepper. Nothing else. Delicious! You can add a little bit of shredded sharp gruyere or Parmigianno for some extra "sharpness".
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