What are your favorite cheeses, meats, and jams for an aperitivo hour board?

I know these things take time to learn but I'm trying to figure out how to mix and match. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Christopher Churmusi


MMH October 1, 2020
Although, I really dont like Kroger, the version where I live has a really good cheese island which is staffed by a live person who I have come to know and use when I want to build a cheese board. They also have many samples and sell small portions of cheese which I might not try if I had to pony up a larger sum to try it.
Ive also found that Aldi & Trader Joe’s offer the opportunity to experiment with some great cheeses at a good price.
gandalf September 29, 2020
Here is a link to the recent Food52 article that I think Nancy was referencing: https://food52.com/blog/25607-best-fall-cheese-plate.

The Wensleydale with cranberries mentioned in that article is good. I remember once having a baked brie with a blackberry jam served over it that was quite good; or served with fig preserves on the side would work also. Stilton is a nice blue cheese to consider; Caveman Blue is another good blue cheese that I've had. If your local grocery store has a cheese section, perhaps ask the server there what s/he recommends.

i wouldn't serve crackers that have too strong of a taste, you don't want them to overpower the cheeses.

Some sliced hard salami, served with mustard on the side, would be good.
Nancy September 29, 2020
Christopher, I wrote a long chatty response, but it failed to stick when I posted it.
Basically, there are guidelines or even rules for building, but - as with wine - the learning is a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.
My preferences (or anyone's here) might not be yours.
So start buying and plating...
Some say, have at least 3 cheeses and one type of each.
Some say, buy seasonally (different in fall and spring, etc.),
Bread, crackers, nuts, fruit (dried, fresh &/or chutney).
Wine or beer to taste.
More ideas from:
1) A member here, Phil, who does lovely, generous, hearty boards of cheese and charcuterie. Maybe some posts are findable.
2) Articles here...one a few days ago...give tips.
3) wine blogs and buying services often have articles and live tastings with cheese (and meats).
4) a web search will get you pix, videos and articles.
Nancy October 1, 2020
Last, here's a guideline to an easy cheese & charcuterie board, for starters.
Recommended by Food52