Can I substitute kefir for kombucha?

I don’t use kombucha, but I ferment kefir everyday. Can I substitute kefir for the kombucha?

  • Posted by: Bettie
  • October 8, 2020


Kristen M. October 8, 2020
Interesting—I haven't tried it myself, but if the acid profile is similar, it would react nicely with the baking soda. It would surely be different, with more fat and no bubbles, but it might be pretty delicious too!
Bettie October 8, 2020
When I strain my kefir to remove my kefir grains for the next batch, the kefir feels 'fluffy'. The texture is somewhere between liquid and semi-solid, kind of like jello that is just starting to set. If I store in the fridge, it tends to separate into liquid whey and solids that make the top layer. I use 2% milk, so the fat content isn’t high.

I will make these muffins this weekend and and return back to the site to give an update if this substitution works.
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