Beef recipes I’ve cooked for years are coming out dry. I think the butcher is cutting the meat too lean. How can I modify the recipes to kee com

My family loves beef stew and brisket. The last few times I’ve cooked them, I’ve found that the grocery store is cutting the meat too lean, so the recipes are drier and not as tasty. Are there any suggestions for how I could modify the recipes (other than changing butchers) that would keep the meat more tender and less dry??

  • Posted by: Gnmorr
  • October 25, 2020


HalfPint October 27, 2020
If you are buying the grocery store "beef stew meat", then I would suggest buying a chuck roast (comparable cut) and cutting up the meat yourself. Store stew meat can be a mixture of cuts from leftover remnants and it can be a toss up as to what cuts you are getting. You may have a change in butchers or leftover cuts available.
Nancy October 25, 2020
A few ideas...
Yes, possibly change source of meat (that was my first idea, too).
But before that, ask your butcher what changes he's made lately...or were made for him by his supplier.
Whether your analysis is correct or some other change, ask him/her for modified cooking suggestions to make the new meat taste good.
If butcher has no cooking ideas, make your beef stews and roasts with additional fat.
If that doesn't work, yes, change butchers.
Gnmorr November 1, 2020
Thank you! I’ll try the chuck roast!
Gnmorr November 1, 2020
Thank you for your comments!
Gnmorr November 1, 2020
Chuck roast was amazing! Ty!!
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