Is It 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 very cold butter or one or the other???

Looking forward to making this too, but dough ingredients are a tad confusing. 1/2 cup butter at the beginning then lower down in the recipe...another 1/2 cup very cold butter cut into 4 pieces. Is this right? Thanks.

Tucker & Me
Buttermilk Chess Pie
Recipe question for: Buttermilk Chess Pie


Brinda A. October 29, 2020
Hi! So sorry about that—we are experiencing a few bugs on our recipe form that we're trying to fixed! For this pie dough, it'll just require 1/2 cup butter, very cold, cut into 4 pieces. Thank you for checking!
Tucker &. October 29, 2020
I thought so. Thank you. Glad I could help. ✌🏻
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