Can I make up the batter ahead and wait till dinner is over to bake?

Barb Inskeep
Skillet Brownie à la Mode
Recipe question for: Skillet Brownie à la Mode


Lori T. November 3, 2020
It probably would not be a good idea, because the recipe also contains baking soda as an additional leavener. That will start reacting as soon as liquids and dry ingredients combine. However, you could mix up to the point where you add in the dry ingredients, and keep those separate until you finish eating. Then desert could be ready by the time you get the cleanup sorted out, and some digestion has provided room to really enjoy it!
Nancy November 3, 2020
Yes, agree with both Lori's analysis and recommended solution. (Whenever you add liquids to a mixture containing baking soda, best to pour in pan and bake immediately.)
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