Any way to disable the automatic audio accompanying ads in your weekly newsletter?

I love the weekly newsletter but awhile back you started adding video ads that if you scroll over they automatically play audio. I really find that annoying (if others in the house are asleep and I'm looking at the newsletter, for example) -- most of the time those ads cause me to leave the site out of frustration -- so I don't see the ad -- but I also don't see your great content... pity... Is there some setting (other than muting my volume BEFORE I look at the newsletter) that can turn these off? Thanks

  • Posted by: Ingrid
  • November 8, 2020
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1 Comment

Nancy November 12, 2020
I am also finding these pop-up audios a nuisance...interrupting concentration and no way to turn them off.
Problem is, you cannot see where they are coming from.
First choice, if you can disable them, wonderful.
Second best - show their origins, so we who are reading an article, working through a recipe or even browsing in your shop, can decide whether to pay attention now and/or later.
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