Relentless offer of HOLIDAY newsletter

Since about Oct 24, the first time I go to your site I get a full screen offer to subscribe to the HOLIDAY newsletter.
No thanks, I said.
Same: again again again again again again
Some publications (or software) stop asking after 1, 2, maximum 3 times.
Or let you indicate, please don't show this again.
Take some pity on your users who want to avoid running this gauntlet for 62 days (roughly Oct 24 to Dec 25).
Please, can and will you fix this?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • November 1, 2017


Saffron3 November 2, 2017
I agree this pop up is getting very aggressive. And, when I get so angry I enter as my email, it says not real, then when I enter my own, it says already registered! Holiday sales in mid-October. Now Dinner, all giant popup screen filling very aggressive and disturbing. I wrote to the editors mid October, no response, just more popups even when I change pages! And mind, I really like Food52!

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creamtea November 1, 2017
Thanks for saying it Nancy! I also won't look at the Shop anymore. Even if I take a peek at something, I get an email saying "We're saving such and such for you!!" The site has become really aggressive.
Grace O. November 1, 2017
Hi Nancy - thanks so much for your feedback! We have recently begun to promote our holiday newsletter onsite and appreciate your input here. We do employ a frequency limit, but apologies if this has felt aggressive to you and was not an optimal experience. We'll continue to look and revise our frequency capping as needed with your feedback in mind.

All the best,
Nancy November 1, 2017
Grace, glad to hear from you, and so quickly.
Maybe my "no thanks" got through on the HOLIDAY newsletter promos.
Now, instead (or in rotation), I'm getting promos for the DINNER newsletter.
Have been a member about 4 years, and know what you offer.
Maybe, food52 editors and marketing manager, RESTRICT your promotions to casual and/or new visitors, both coming here directly and from outside the site.
And NOT to ongoing participants/members of this community.
BerryBaby November 1, 2017
Thanks, Nancy, I was thinking the same.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 1, 2017
Hi Nancy, I'm so sorry about this. We're looking into it asap!
Nancy November 1, 2017
LJ, glad you saw this and are looking into it.
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