Recently my pound cakes have started forming a crust on the top that separates from the cake once I take it out of the pan. No changes in recipe.

I am using my mother's recipe that I have used for at least 25 years. No change in ingredients or method of baking. The top tastes great it just won't stay on the cake. I have experimented with pan preparation, butter & flour, crisco & flour and sprays with and without flour with no changes. Very frustrating

Jenny Burdette


Lori T. December 6, 2018
Have you checked the oven temperature, to make sure your oven is actually at the temperature you set it for? Otherwise, it could be linked to your eggs. Too much whipped egg white will act like a kind of stealth meringue, and rise to the top during baking to make a crust that separates from the cake. That's why professional bakeries tend to use weight measurements for eggs, rather than a count of them. If the recipe was created using large eggs, and you are using extra large, that might be the problem.
Jenny B. December 6, 2018
I have an oven thermometer and I use only large eggs. I even use only the same brand of my different ingredients. Do you know of a good reference to use to convert to a weights measurement system?
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