Can you Freeze or Refrigerate?

Can I freeze or refrigerate to keep them longer? And are they supposed to be kind of big? I rolled out to quarter inch but it’s a big cookie

Brian Pinci
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1 Comment

Lori T. December 7, 2020
You can freeze or refrigerate the cookie portion, but not an assembled cookie. You can also refrigerate the jam filling separately. The cookies, once assembled, will absorb the jam as the days pass- and become too soft to handle, if you try it for longer than a few days. Rolling the dough thinner, to make thinner cookies, will also hasten that process. You can cut the cookies out smaller, to suit yourself- but the dough needs to be that 1/2 inch thickness. Smaller size cookies will have shorter baking times, as well, so you will want to watch them closely. I find the 2 inch diameter size just about perfect myself, but if you prefer a one bite special- there's nothing that says you can't have that. Just store unassembled cookies as you like, keep the filling chilled, and only assemble as many as you wish a few day's worth at a time.
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