Cooking with Acid liquids in cast iron

Can I braise with wine in a cast iron Staub brassier?

  • Posted by: phip
  • December 8, 2020


Customer-Care-Terrell December 9, 2020
Hello Forbes,

Thank you so much for reaching out here. Yes, since the Staub is enameled on the inside it is totally fine to cook acidic foods. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Happy to help.

All my best,
Customer Care
phip December 9, 2020
Great. Thanks
Nancy December 8, 2020
Generally, I only use acid a few minutes in an uncoated cast iron pot (because long use of acid, as in a stew, promotes corrosion and rust).
But if - as in pictures I've seen - your braiser has an enameled interior and a glass lid, it should be ok as both those materials (enamel and glass) won't interact with the acid.
If your pot has a naked (not enameled) cast iron lid, I would not use that. Instead:
1) braise uncovered;
2) use another lid made from a non-interactive material (steel, glass);
3) use simple aluminum foil as a cover.
phip December 9, 2020
Thank you
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