If I only have regular sized muffin trays, could I just make a bigger puff (4")?

Or will the smaller one still keep its shape if I make a small puff and bake it in the bigger tray?

Sara and Michael
Grandma's Mushroom Puffs
Recipe question for: Grandma's Mushroom Puffs


Emma L. December 11, 2020
Hi Sara and Michael! All the years my family has been making these, we've never tried a bigger puff—sounds fun! If you increased the puff pastry square size, stuffed it with more filling, and lengthened the bake time, I don't see why that wouldn't work. (I'd try that versus putting a small puff into a larger muffin cup—worried it might fall apart.) Let me know how it turns out if you give it a go!
Sara A. December 11, 2020
Wow, thanks so much for the quick response! I will try this today and let you know. Thanks!
Sara A. December 12, 2020
4" squares and 2 tbsp mushroom was a little less cute but it worked and people really enjoyed the dish. i baked it about 30 minutes.
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