Victorinox Modern knives line- constuction detail question

Are these full tang design? How do they compare with the black handled series? I can't see any rivets in the photos.

Susan moss
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1 Comment

Customer-Care-Kaleigh December 11, 2020
Hello Susan! I'm Kaleigh, from the Care Team.

I was able to find an answer for your question about the tang on these blades:

"The knife has a 50% tang. The tang will never come loose from the handle and that is guaranteed in our warranty. Professionals in meat processing facilities use our knives all day long. They are balanced for the weight of the blade and handle. Knives that have a heavier blade, need a full tang for balance."

I do not see a black handled series in our stock for this vendor, but if you reach out to [email protected] with a link to those black knives and ask for me (Kaleigh!) I'll be happy to look into this for you further.

I hope you have a lovely week! :)
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