Are dual flame burner gas ranges worth it?

I am wondering if dual flame burners are significantly better to cook on than standard burners. If they are better, what range manufacturers have these burners?

Sue in soCal


AntoniaJames July 21, 2021
Whether a dual flame burner is significantly better to cook on than a standard burner depends on what types of things you generally like to cook. I have a Wolf range with dual flame, and really like having the very low range. (That's where the advantage lies, in my opinion.)

The low range allows you to simmer things very gently, and to melt chocolate without using a double boiler. I've never worried about scorching chocolate over the lower flame of my dual range burners. Of course there are many other advantages to having a Wolf stove.

The only other manufacturer I'm certain has dual flame burners is GE in its Monogram series. If you only need one burner with that low range, you might find it on a Dacor stovetop - I had a stove in my old house that had one burner with a low simmer / melt setting. I wouldn't recommend a Dacor, however, because I had terrible problems with the pilot ignition system that simply could not be fixed, despite many service visits and parts replacements (under warranty, thankfully). The burner would click incessantly, even after the flame was lit. When I moved to this house, there was a Dacor range in the kitchen - which had the same problem! We replaced it with a Wolf, which is like a dream come true. ;o)
Sue I. July 22, 2021
Thank you!
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