PRoofing and baking-first time with this bread

Sooo, it’s been proofing for about 4 hours, it is proofing but not bubbly. Can I leave it overnight on counter or in fridge? If in fridge, bring to room temp, I have a Chantal pot and glass lid or maybe a stainless lid, metal handles, I trust this will bake ok? Anyone spray a little pm in pot? Love this website!

Maple Oat Breakfast Bread
Recipe question for: Maple Oat Breakfast Bread


Lori T. January 7, 2021
Yes, you can proof it overnight in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap, and then let it return to room temperature before you bake it. I am not that familiar with Chantal cookware, but as long as it can handle the 450F temperature, I'm sure it will be fine. However, you will want to use the stainless steel lid, rather than the glass lid, which is not likely safe at that temperature. I would also transfer the dough to a parchment paper, instead of the towel- which is more likely to attract and hold moisture in the fridge. The paper can be used to transfer the dough to the pan without the need to remove it as well- the paper will withstand the baking temperature just fine.
houstonbrenda January 7, 2021
Thank you! Well I baked with glass lid but will change to stainless in future, will taste tonite, used honey as I didn’t have maple syrup, I left in oven overnight, it never looked bubbly, but it did rise so I am hoping it’s ok, I did put it on parchment paper fir the hour rise, and covered with a towel. It rose nicely thank you so much
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