How to adjust recipe without chocolate

I would like to make this cake for someone who cannot eat chocolate. I can just leave it out for a slightly smaller cake?



Lori T. January 9, 2021
Instead of trying to alter this recipe, why not simply look for a recipe to make a olive oil pumpkin bread? You can substitute the kabocha squash for the pumpkin- or for any other type of squash, really- and it works just fine. The size of the final bread will not be changed much by leaving out the chocolate, because the majority of the mass is from the batter containing the squash and other ingredients. You can also opt to fill the loaf pan you have 2/3 full, and then bake the balance of batter in a muffin pan. The muffin size will bake faster, just so you know. And you can freeze them for later munching, if you like.
Nancy January 12, 2021
Building on Lori's idea of using another recipe, here's one that has a pumpkin (kabocha) option. Made hundreds of times, utterly reliable. Originally made with vegetable oil but could be made with olive oil.
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