Lots of sugar in the batter, too much?

Hi community,

I was reading the recipe and the amount of sugar for the batter seems super high considering the quantities of other ingredients. What are your thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

  • Posted by: Flora
  • January 11, 2021
Black & White Pound Cake
Recipe question for: Black & White Pound Cake


izzie29 January 20, 2021
Yes!! I used just around 150g and lowered other wet ingredients too, and it was still sweet, but perfect for my taste.
Lori T. January 11, 2021
It is a pound cake, which got its name originally because it called for one full pound of flour, eggs, butter, and milk. The proportions have been altered to some degree since the introduction of more dependable chemical leaveners, but to get the pound cake texture, you still need a certain balance of things. You will also be using dark cocoa, which is bitter and unsweetened, as well as sour cream. If the total amount of sugar is upsetting, then leave off the streusel topping. However, you will need that full compliment of sugar in the cake itself, or you will not end up with a pound cake and it will not taste quite right. My thoughts on the amount of sugar is that it is appropriate for the type cake being made- neither excessive or insufficient. It was never intended to be a low calorie diet food, nor does it pretend that it is.
Flora January 11, 2021
Got it, thank you. I am not concerned about the calories... I like to eat, I was just concerned about the cake potentially being too sweet. And yes, I am aware of the history of the pound cake, which is why I asked that question :)

I'll make it as per Sohla's instructions.
702551 January 11, 2021
Looking at the recipe comments, those people who bothered to write something seem to be fine with the sweetness of this particular cake recipe. For whatever that's worth...

There is clearly more disagreement about the streusel topping though.

For sure making a recipe the first time as it is written is a sensible approach.
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