I bought fresh Indian anchovies from the market. Can I debone it and use it to make anchovy dressing for for same day use. use?

These are white anchovies. Or should I be using the tinned fillets?

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Lori T. January 12, 2021
The only anchovy dressings I know all call for salt cured or oil preserved anchovies. I'm not aware of any that would utilize fresh fish. The fresh ones are usually either cooked and eaten or cleaned and preserved in salt. You can do that yourself of course- but the process of curing them in salt takes a few months to finish the process. Your nice fresh fish would likely be best if you opted to either grill or fry them. For your anchovy dressing, I think I would recommend you stick with the tinned filets. If you wish to create your own, and don't mind waiting for the curing process to finish- there are recipes on the internet for doing just that. Not hard, particularly, mostly it just needs plenty of salt, time, and a cool /cold spot to live in for that time.
[email protected] January 13, 2021
Thank you for taking the time to reply:) I will stick to tinned fillets.
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