halving this recipe in tsp. and cups

60 ounces cake crumbs
5 lb. sugar
40 oz. shortening
½ oz. soda
1 oz. salt

24 oz. eggs
30 oz. molasses
5 lbs. flour
1 ¾ oz. baking powder
5 lbs. fruit

Denise Musgrove Kellum


Lori T. January 27, 2021
Well, I would recommend trying the chart at https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/learn/ingredient-weight-chart
as a good place to start. I don't know what to suggest for the cake crumbs though. That could vary depending on precisely what kind of cake you were using. Maybe you could try using the suggestions for bread crumbs?
Denise M. January 27, 2021
Thanks but I am still waiting for someone to try to convert it for me. I do not want to mess up a batch needlessly.
Lori T. January 27, 2021
I'll be honest with you, it would be far more accurate and more likely to get you the result you want if you stick with the weight measurements. The problem with cup measures is that amounts don't quite match up with weights. A cup of sugar isn't the same weight as a cup of flour, a cup of nuts, etc. When you get to the eggs, then it's a bit easier. The standard weight for a large egg is an average of 2 oz. So your original recipe is asking for roughly a dozen eggs, and half that would be 6. Just out of curiosity, what in the world does this recipe make? I'm thinking some sort of fruit cake or steamed pudding, perhaps?
Denise M. January 27, 2021
It makes fruit cookies but I wanted to half it. I need help converting the ounces to tsp, and cups.
Nancy January 27, 2021
Denise M -
The chart(s) at King Arthur Flour and kitchen scale Lori T recommends are reliable ways to go.
Another way to arrive at volume conversions is to ask a web browser. Write, for example, "5 lb granulated sugar in cups?" Abd see what you get.
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