This cake is easy for beginners but tasted a bit dry. Is it possible add a little melted butter?t er?

I tried this recipe and got the perfect roll on my second trial. This is really easy. It felt that the sponge was a bit dry so I brushed it with some sugar syrup. Would it be advisable to add a bit of melted butter to avoid that dryness. If yes, how much and what would be the sequence. Plz advise.

  • Posted by: Agarwalk
  • February 14, 2021
Cinnamon Roll-ade
Recipe question for: Cinnamon Roll-ade


Erin J. February 17, 2021
Lori is right - you can’t add butter to this particular sponge, but you can brush melted butter onto the cake when assembling, as you did with the sugar syrup. Soaking syrups are often used with these kinds of cakes to add moisture. I’d also recommend watching the bake time - this particular cake can be quite soft and moist, but if it’s over baked a smidge, it will go dry fast!
Lori T. February 14, 2021
This is made with a basic sponge cake, which relies on just the air in the beaten egg white for leavening. If you added melted butter, or any other fat, to the batter, it would end up a dense and unpleasant cake- unless you also added in a chemical leavener of some sort- baking soda or baking powder. Your cake was likely a bit dry because it was slightly overbaked, which is always a risk with a plain sponge. You also did what it typical when trying to rescue one, which is to brush on a syrup. That adds flavor and moisture. if you want, you can always find a recipe for a basic vanilla sponge which does call for adding butter, and has a leavener to counter that. Then make up the filling from this recipe, and use it to fill the new style cake. Whatever you opt to do, you can still end up with a dry cake if it is the least overbaked, so you will want to watch it like a hawk and bake by feel instead of by the clock.
Agarwalk February 14, 2021
Thank you so much Lori for your response.
Can any basic butter sponge recipe be moulded into a roll cake(following the instructionsof rolling etc)? I am completely new to roll cakes, so would need your inputs.
Many thanks again
Lori T. February 15, 2021
Pretty much any sponge cake recipe can be baked in the jelly roll or quarter sheet pan to create a roll cake. A sponge cake is traditionally any thinly baked cake composed of only eggs, flour, and sugar, but there are a number of variations that will work. I suggest you look at
to better understand what the different types are. Then head over to
and search for jelly roll cakes. She has recipes and videos to help you. After that, it's just a matter of making them to get the experience at it. I hope this helps and you are able to master the art of the roll.
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