Getting a SHINY CRACKLE on the top

I have made the cookies several times and I love them but they end up with a DULL surface. I follow the recipe - exactly. I mix the batter for 3 mim and I bake them for 14.5 min. How can I achieve a SHINY GLOSSY CRACKLE SURFACE?

  • Posted by: Pate
  • February 15, 2021
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1 Comment

Lori T. February 16, 2021
The shiny, crackly surface of a brownie is the result of the sugar- the sucrose, being completely dissolved in the butter. These cookies, however, have no added fat- aside from what is in the egg yolks and nuts. But I think a clue may lie in the fact that these are related to macarons. Macarons get their shiny top because they are allowed to sit for a bit before baking. That dries the surface, and lets the sugars dissolve more. I think if you let your cookies or the dough sit for a bit, maybe half an hour or so- before baking, you would also get the top you dream of.
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