Carrot cake sags in the center

I am an experienced baker and have made this cake several time, carefully following the recipe. The cake, however, sags significantly in the center — almost like it’s fallen. Any suggestions to fix this?

Kathleen Schaaf
Neva Tee's Carrot Cake
Recipe question for: Neva Tee's Carrot Cake


Lori T. February 26, 2021
A couple of suggestions to consider. I assume you have made other baked items in your oven besides this cake- but have you checked your oven temperature for accuracy? It might not be so critical for some things, but it can make or break a cake. I assume you are baking by testing for doneness, rather than by a clock - so hopefully underbaking isn't an issue. However, denseness of the batter may well be. If your flour is particularly damp, or the carrots particularly wet, you could have more liquid in the batter than can bake off and escape. Although it may seem done, the excess liquid is condensing in the center as things cool, and leaving you with a sunken center. Just a few ideas to consider. It might be worth it to add in a few spoons of extra flour, or squeeze the shredded carrots as dry as possible. And also, though the recipe calls for self rising flour- that can sometimes have leavening agents on the older, or less active side of things. You might want to add in a teaspoon of baking powder as extra insurance, just in case. A little extra lift might be all you need.
VALÉRIA P. February 25, 2021
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