Food for a 22 hour desert car trip

Any ideas regarding what food to take?

Clarisa Barua


Kristen W. March 11, 2021
On road trips I always bring: hummus, roasted almonds, dried cherries, a tub of tabbouleh, and some pita. Any combo of these things is tasty, healthy, and filling. The tabbouleh and hummus are of course best kept in a cooler but everything else is fine at room temp.
Nancy March 8, 2021
Aside from the need for more water, you could use the existing base of knowledge from camping trips to plan you meals.
For example, a fresh or prepared meal to eat in the first two hours, and room temp shelf-stable food for after that
The desert temps may be higher than room temp, so a cooler may be helpful for even shelf stable foods.
A few nutrient-dense muffins or breads mat be useful, as will nuts, dried fruits, some fresh vegetables, dried meat, canned beans and fish.
Also, take more water and food you think you will need, in case of emergency.
Clarisa B. March 8, 2021
That’s helpful Nancy. TY
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